55. The Pitfalls at the Sotkajärvi Ridge Chain

Classification: Other Sites

Description of the site

River valleys have been favoured places for settlements since the prehistoric times. Also at Lemmenjoki there are signs of human activities from hundreds of years ago. In the National Park area have been found about 700 pitfalls, which were used for hunting the Wild Forest Reindeer (Rangifer tarandus fennicus) until the 1800s. Njurkulahti Nature Trail goes past a group of pitfalls.

As the Wild Forest Reindeer were getting few in numbers, and the Sámi people with their reindeer moved to the area in the 1800s, became reindeer herding more common in Lemmenjoki River Valley. At the same time, the first permanents settlements appeared. In the village of Njurkulahti, the main source of livelihood today is still reindeer herding, in addition to tourism. This can be clearly seen in the village scene and in different constructions. Most of the National Park area belongs to Sallivaara Local Reindeer Herding Co-operative, which has about 7 500 reindeer.


How to get there?

Hunting pits are found everywhere in the Lake Sotkajärvi isthmus on River Lemmenjoki. Lake Sotkajärvi has an excellent path network. The paths are easy, almost stoneless and with duckboards. The area also has a good campfire place and information boards.


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