1. The Lihr rock and its bedrock outcrops

Classification: Geological sites

Description of the site

The mineral content and the strong schistose appearance of granitic gneiss and quartz diorite gneisses can be seen in the barren outcrops of the Lihr Rock and in the rock walls of the Ivalojoki canyon. The river and the canyon with its steep slopes can be seen on the Lihr rock. On the opposite bank of the river, in the middle of the wilderness, is a group of buildings. The biggest of them is a huge timber house, Ivalojoen Kultala. A stairway with 565 steps leads to a suspension bridge over the Saunakoski rapids. The first bridge over the river was built in 1964, but was destroyed by spring floods two years later. A new, 78-metre long suspension bridge was finished in 1968.


How to get there?

Lihri rock is located west of the path between Pahaoja and Kultala Gold Mining Village of River Ivalojoki in River Ivalojoki valley. A humble but easy path forks off the main path to the top of the rock. The site is an approximately 12 kilometres hike from the nearest vehicle road and Pahaoja parking area. The path is good and does not require orienteering skills, but the altitude differences on the route are great and should taken into account when planning the timetable.

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