21. The Ravadasköngäs waterfall

Classification: Geological sites

Description of the site

The Ravadasköngäs gorge and 7-metres-high waterfall are situated near the mouth of the Ravadasjoki river. They make up one of the best-known excursion sites in the Lemmenjoki area. Ravadasköngäs consists of several falls in a row hidden deep in the gorge, which is originally an old glacial meltwater channel. In the upper part of the cascade, there are pothole-like forms. They have been eroded at the foot of the canyon walls along with the rock surfaces scoured by the meltwater. They bear witness to the erosive action of the glacial meltwater in the final phase of the last glaciations. First and last, Ravadasköngäs is one of the finest waterfalls in Finland. Its beauty is emphasized by huge amount of falling water all the year.


How to get there?

The falls are deep in the wilderness. The easiest way to reach this destination is to jump aboard a scheduled boat operating from Njurgalahti village. You will have time to acquaint yourself with the falls, if you get off the boat sailing upstream at the falls and then get back on when it returns downstream. If you want to hike in the area for a longer time, get off at the falls from the morning boat and return with the evening boat.

The area is, of course, also accessible by foot, but that means you will have to stay overnight outside or in the nearby Ravadasjärvi cabin. Or why not combine the boat trip with hiking. Go to the falls by boat and walk back to the car along the river valley.

The falls are also an excellent place to start and end your hike. If you want to get on the scheduled boat, put your rucksack on the pier of the cabin and wave to the boatman. The scheduled boat will not automatically stop at the site.


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