20. The Sotkajärvi esker and kames

Classification: Geological sites

Description of the site

During the deglaciation, eskers were deposited on the bottom of the meltwater-filled conduits at the base of the glacier. The debris was washed and sorted into layers of gravel, sand and pebbles according to the velocity of the stream. The Lemmenjoki esker is part of the 150 km long esker sequence, which runs from south-west to north-east. In the Lemmenjoki canyon, it rises up to 30 metres high. At Njurkulahti, the unbroken, steep-sided ridge enlarges into rolling kame topography consisting of several parallel ridges. Dead ice holes are found between them that formed as ice blocks transported by the meltwater stream were buried in the gravel.


How to get there?

Lake Sotkajärvi in Lemmenjoki has an excellent path network. Park at the end of the road and go hiking. The paths are easy, almost stoneless and with duckboards. The area also has a good campfire place and information boards.

The nearby Njurgalahti village has a “Kaurismäki”-inspired village bar and, next to it, a proper restaurant. Boat trips to the gold mining area of Lemmenjoki depart from in front them.


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