15. Tor formations at Pyhä-Nattanen

Classification: Geological sites

Description of the site

Tor-like forms which consist of granitic bedrock lie at the top of the Pyhä-Nattanen fell. They are more than five metres high and look like the work of an artist, although they were sculpted by nature. These tors probably consist of the most durable parts of the granitic rock, where the weathering has been slower than in the surrounding rock. The tors were formed before the last glaciation, since post-glacial erosion has not been rapid enough for them to form. They remained intact under the ice-sheet, while the broken rock around them has been transported away.


How to get there?

Turn east from national road 4 at Vuotso and drive for approximately 11 kilometres. The route to the tor formations is signposted. Leave a car at Sompiontie parking place and start the climb. The start of the route is good, but it will become steeper and rocky. The rocky path will turn into scree and the scree into boulders. You will need sturdy shoes, persistence and a water bottle. Take frequent breaks and enjoy the views.

The scree field on the last part of the ascent is really difficult and even dangerous: large stones will wobble when you step on them and, on wet weather, slipping among the boulders will provide you with unforgettable moments. This route cannot be recommended for people with bad legs.

Do not start off on this route in foggy weather or if clouds cover the fell. You will lose the views and the already rough final stretch will become even more difficult. Of course, if you are in good shape and agile, you will have experiences, even in fog. The boulders and tor formations can look truly magical.

In principle, it is impossible to become lost on this route, but especially in foggy conditions someone always manages to do it.


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