8. The Kiilopää ice lake and its spillways

Classification: Geological sites

Description of the site

During the deglaciation stage, about 10,400 years ago, the ice margin was in the Kiilopää area. There was a dammed ice lake in the Kiilo-oja river valley between the slope of the fell and the ice margin. This ice lake discharged its waters over the fell range towards the north-west. The overflow channels were formed at that stage of the melting of the glacier when the tops of the fells were beginning to show through the ice. Meltwater accumulated between the ice sheet and the side of the fells, and was dis­charged across the fell ridges at the lowest points between the tops of the fells. This meltwater erosion formed deep gorges in the bedrock. North of Kiilopää, there is a series of overflow channels at heights between 446 m and 336 m which functioned one after the other as a discharge channel for the Kiilopää ice lake.


How to get there?

The path from Kiilopää fell centre to Luulampi forks after the reindeer fence. Select the slightly humbler path on the left. The handsome gorge will open up just north of the path. The hike from Kiilopää is about 2.5 kilometres, but, of course, you should combine a visit to Luulampi to the hike and, if you have strength left, a trip to the top of Kiilopää as well.

There are several Lake Jääjärvi spillways and you can see them clearly on the fell.

The paths in the area are good and they have been well signposted and most have duckboards and steps, but altitude differences are great. You can manage without a compass, but you should bring a map.


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