6. The Puoliväli spring

Classification: Geological sites

Description of the site

Where groundwater emerges at the surface, a spring forms. Many springs are small, wet depressions, but on the lower slopes of fells and at the foot of the eskers, there are springs with a very good yield, since the gravel and sand layers of the soil and the fracture zones in the bedrock are good aquifers. At the foot of Patatunturi fell, groundwater discharges in springs from thick sandy till deposits. In the Puoliväli spring, the water appears to be boiling as it forces its way up through the sandy layers on the bottom.


How to get there?

The spring is easy to find, since it is located alongside Pahaoja – Mining Village path. Park your car at Pahaoja, walk from there to Pahaoja cabin and continue over the bridge towards the Kultala Gold Mining Village of River Ivalojoki. The hike from the car is about four kilometres. The path is good, but the altitude differences can be deceiving.


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